Monday, July 28, 2008

Learning More About Nutrition - Sodium the Silent

Yesterday we talked about the importance of having a good mindset about your weight and your weight loss goals. Today, we're going to talk about nutrition. Most of us are pretty well trained to look at two things on a label - calories and fat grams. We pay little attention to the rest of the fine print, but this information is very important.

Let's start by breaking down what you'll be reading on these labels. We'll be doing this over the course of a few days so that everything can be covered properly. We'll start with sodium levels, since this is an area that causes a lot of problems for many dieters.

The daily recommended amount of sodium for any adult is 2400 mg. If you are getting too much sodium, you can end up with excess water retention, headaches and in some cases, high blood pressure. Too little sodium is also not recommended and can cause serious health complications.

Now that you know how much sodium you actually need, spend one day adding this figure up for anything that you eat. You might be surprised at just how much sodium is in something like ice cream, or even in canned goods. Your goal is to get as close to 2400 mg a day.

Take the sodium challenge and find out where you stand!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Getting the Right Idea About Dieting

With thousands of fad diets out there, it's easy to get swept up into the wrong idea about dieting. We would all love to be able to lose fifteen pounds in a weekend, and even though we know that it's probably not possible or even long term weight loss, it's hard to stop getting excited.

How do you get the right idea about dieting? Is it even possible?

To start with, you've got work on your mind before you start working on your body. It's vital to start reading about good nutrition, and about eating the right kind of foods.

It's important to quit beating yourself up mentally over food. This only creates a cycle that is nearly impossible to break.

If you start with your head, the body will follow. Get the right idea about dieting and you'll be guaranteed long term success.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Welcome to Skinny Girl Secrets

Ready to get the skinny on weight loss plans that really work? This blog is devoted to reviewing all the latest plans, gimmicks, get thin quick schemes and everything related to losing weight.

Is a new diet plan nothing but a big load of crap? Find out here!

Looking for a diet that really works? I'll give you my honest opinion.

You have entered Skinny Girl Secrets - and your whole life is about to change. Want in on the sisterhood? Stay tuned...

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